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I didn’t really want to move, you see, but the neighborhood had changed quite a bit.  Whenever I tried to insert pictures they appeared way up on the top of the screen instead of inside my post and I had to do some funky work to get them to be where I wanted.  Saving an entry took about 10 minutes.  But the format was familiar, the address was home to me and, well, truth be told, I was getting complacent about where I was.  That is, until the owners of Blog-City sent out the announcement that they were closing shop.

While they’re not kicking us out, per se, they’re not planning any upgrades or suchlike which means that the blog itself and its visibility on the web may change or become unreadable with the next version of IE or FireFox, and in any event my subscription with them is up in November, so, after a few months of mulling it over I up and did something about it.

It’s energized me, kind of, in the “ugh, I hate webdesign” kind of way that I have.  For instance, I bought me a domain name so I can officially be known as Swamp Yankee Wannabes.  And instead of doing what I should do in the mornings and save our chickens from captivity, I have been playing with themes and designs and trying to figure out how to change the font of my entries without resorting to wading through HTML and how to export and import my previous blog entries into Word Press.

Okay, turns out I can’t.  Yet.  But the good people at Blog-City have assured me they are working on such a thing, so I’ll just be patient on that front.

As with all moves I’ll be moving the furniture around quite a bit, sometimes with less than stellar results, which may stick around for a while depending on what crazy thing I am doing outside of the virtual world (This past week we dug the trenches for the apple trees that will go in next year.  Believe me, excavators are way more fun than MySQL.)  I’ll send out the obligatory “My site has moved” entry shortly….perhaps nanoseconds after I post this one….I may even be around more often as I become enamored of my new surroundings and not so incidentally as fall finally winds down and we here at LARC, or LLARCS as we are now officially known, can finally sit down, breath, contemplate, and wax philosophic to the ethernet.

Welcome to Swamp Yankee Wannabes, version 2.0.  In a world of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Smartphones, we’re stubbornly blogging along.


One thought on “Moving Sale

  1. Tried to leave this on blog-city, but I’m really not convinced it actually posted. So….

    hey, we’ve moved too, of course. Going through all our old entries in the process of migrating has inspired us to get back to actually posting to our blog. We also have lots of links to larc, so if/when you manage to get moved, we’ll update them.

    Jennifer says good luck with the move. She’s moved 3 blogs off of blog-city over the last few months (2 into wordpress, and 1 she completely gave up on getting into blog software and ended up converting into a regular web site) and they all proved a lot more labor intensive than she would have liked.

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