Cold Dreary Nothings

It’s raining.

It hasn’t rained for most of the season, or, well, I should say, for most of the summer season.  October is always pretty rainy around here, belying the image of gorgeous, dry sunny fall days.  Possibly we’re getting the remainder of the big midwest storm.  At least its not snow.

Everyone in the family and extended has had the same annoying cold, starting in the chest and making mockery of our vocals and then refusing to move out.  But the farm must go on, so we pick rocks in the orchard and dig potatoes in the garden and spread mulch hay, made damp and moldy by the cold rain.

We are both dreading and looking forward to snow.

Not that things are scheduled to slow down any.  All the indoor projects, such as clearing out a room for Bundle II to call her own, as well as paperwork for the farm, some carpentry projects, and, oh yeah, vacuuming, doing dishes and laundry, etc, have been successfully ignored all summer.  As a consequence they’ve piled up haphazedly in a corner of our minds and we’ll have to spend some time to properly sort them out.

Time? Eh… it’s here somewhere.


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