Chaos Theory

To the casual observer it may appear that we here at LLARCS live unorganized, chaotic lives.  You’d be forgiven for believing that; right now the barn is full of items we use for the garden and spills out into the driveway and leaves no room for what it is supposed to hold, mainly our cars and the motorcycle.  We have a boat in the lawn which has remained upright and full of water for most of the year.  Our flower gardens are a mess.  The inside of our house is not any better, with books, clothes and dishes in various stages of cleanliness scattered about.  Add a three year old and a mobile 6 month old into the mix and, well, yes, it’s pretty chaotic.

Part of it is that neither Lionel nor I have ever been all that concerned with the outward appearance of things, so although we instinctively like an orderly house we aren’t about to beat ourselves up or literally lose sleep over it (no 2am vacuuming sessions for us).  Mostly, though, it’s that our minds are on the next project ahead of us and not on the immediately obvious. 

We haven’t built a farm from scratch by being disorganized about it, is my point.  The very fact that we’ve managed this feat despite merely being human is a miracle, never mind that there are no clean dishes and I have no idea where my hairbrush is.

So, casual observer, keep your opinion to yourself.  I’m glad you live a boring life with time enough in the day to vacuum the non-existent dust.  If you get all your chores done, come pick blueberries with us in July.  We’ll be out there.  We’re waiting for you.


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