Moving on

I learned a valuable lesson working at YBP, and that is that cynicism and sarcasm have absolutely no place in the day job.  And when you become cynical and sarcastic about the every day things which you do or about the way the management is running (or not running) the company, you have to do something about it.  Add to that an ongoing furlough which appears to have no end and, well, there’s not much point sitting on a sinking ship, is there?  Unless you can’t swim.  I can swim.

So I gave my notice last Monday.  I will be moving on to Keene State College, as a systems administrator, and while I hadn’t entirely checked out at my current place of employment, my stress level was certainly rising, as it does whenever I’m forced to spin my wheels.  I am expecting the stress to be much lower, the pace to be slower, the projects to be more enjoyable and the people to be more intelligent.  Probably a lot to ask of a job, I know… but it’ll be awhile before I can see through the curtain and anyway, its a college. 

If nothing else, the benefits are excellent.

So I sit here at the moment contemplating my last week at my current job and wondering what I am going to tell my employer about today because a raging blizzard is waging war with the outside of my house and I normally would just work from home on a day like this.  But my boss specifically requested I spend my remaining days in the office and also, Lionel threw his back out.  Which doesn’t sound like it is the end of the world except for the fact that our energetic, fearless 8 month old is incredibly mobile and we just recently had Christmas here.  Christmas isn’t baby friendly, at least not mobile-8-month-old friendly; paper, pins, bits of plastic and tape, bows, and toys made for 3+ year olds are still scattered about.  And her eyesight is better than ours.

To make a long story short, I’m snowed in with two children and an invalid during the last week of my two week notice.

Par for the course here at LLARCS.


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