Swamp Yankee in the New Year

Most years we sort of float on in to the next year with nothing to show for it and nothing entirely remarkable to say about the year that has past, but this year of 2010 seemed to be full of itself.  It was the first year we truly felt like farmers, for instance, with all the back-breaking, unromantic, dirty crap that implies as well as the first swelling of a bank account and the fact that we are still eating fresh carrots this late in January.  It was the last year we’d be using our little 2 by 4 evaporator pan-and-oil-barrel setup, although that is actually yet to be fully seen through.  It was the first year we tried our hand at selling chickens and produce, and it was the last year we’d be pulling the buds off the blueberries.  It saw the arrival of another Swamp Yankee, turning us from LARC and LARCS to LLARCS.  It saw the death of a dear friend and a loyal dog.  And finally it saw the end of one job, although it won’t officially be able to claim the start of another.

All in all, a topsy turvy year, 2010 was.

Normally the even years are my better years, or maybe it’s just my bias towards even numbers which has always made it seem so.  But I’m hoping that 2011 will be one of those years that just slips by and doesn’t comment much upon my life.  I like memorable moments but I don’t need them all at once. 

“May your life be interesting” as the old curse goes.  May our lives here at LLARCS be unremarkable–possibly downright boring– this year.


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