Nor’Easter in the Nor’East

To read our local news, you’d think it never snows here, or that the entire storm took us by surprise (“Transportation Workers Prepare for Storm“), although given that New York City apparently forgot all about these occasional but common snow dollops in the last snow storm, maybe we need to reassure our out of state refugees that indeed, we are ready for snow, and in actual fact our transportation workers are salivating right now because they can make an entire year’s wage in overtime with storms like these. 

Last year around this time I’d been eyeing the radar of a large storm which was going to hit us the next day and was making careful arrangements to my schedule to work from home, when my boss called me into her office and berated me for “anticipating the storm.”  Never having been reprimanded for being proactive before, I was shocked.  We beat the bush for a little while until it was finally revealed that her issue was not that I had anticipated the storm, been proactive, and decided I was probably going to work from home the next day, but that I had communicated my intention to some of my colleagues whom she could not trust to work from home, and she worried that they would try to do the same.  Basically, her personnel issue wsa the reason that I should not communicate future plans to my colleagues.  Looking back on it, this was the beginning of the end for me.

In contrast, I spent a good deal of time yesterday agonizing over today’s storm, because it was supposed to be my first day at work, with all the first impressions and uncertainties and false starts that implies, and I didn’t know  how to approach the fact that I would either be late or not show up at all, when the president of the college solved the problem for me and closed the college.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  On inclement weather days, it is no longer my responsibility to weigh risking life and limb over the possibility that my electricity might go out.  I now work for a place that closes in the event of a snow storm!  The day before it happens!  My old boss would faint.


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