The February Rant

Usually I rant about February because it is long and dreary and a pretty much useless month nestled in between January, a month of new hope and dreams for the new year, and March, sugaring season.  But this year it appears it may not be long enough to get us to where we want to be–mainly with two new lines, a collection tank and a new, set up, evaporator.  It’s the setup part that’s getting us.  Then there are the things that keep getting in the way of setting it up, like trying to clear the house out of all the myriad and sundry books we have been holding onto for years for reasons we can’t fathom now.  Trust me, one does not need three German to English dictionaries left over from high school language courses, nor am I ever going to read cover to cover Robert Frost Unabridged Collection.  Also there is this snow issue which, much as I hate to complain about snow, appears to have taken a liking to our ell roof and won’t fall off by itself, which means we’ll have to spend some hours to help it fall off and then clean up the resulting mess.


But all in all, I have to say, this year’s February hasn’t been too bad so far.  I’ve even gotten another snow day.  In contrast my former place of employment went through the motions of pretending to care about its employees the day before the storm, asking them to call in to make sure they were open, and then, after doing a little financial calculation, decided not to close after all.  I think they were possibly the only business in Keene still open, so maybe they figured no one else would be on the roads.  So crazy, it might just work!

Anyway, Happy February everyone.   I hope that confounded groundhog is right and we get an early spring…but not too early.  We’ve got enough to do as it is.


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