Turkey Parts

It’s March, and the LLARCS larder is barer but not down to the bones yet.  We still have the following left over from our hard labors of last spring, summer and fall:

Cranberries, frozen
Tomato sauce
Canned and frozen tomatoes
Rhubarb, frozen
Chicken (whole, parts, innards and feet)
Wild Cherry jam
Apple butter
Grape Jelly
Cranberry wine
Apple cider, frozen 

Not bad, considering we live in the northeast and we’ve still got three feet of snow on the ground despite recent attempts to drown us out.  We’ve been able to supplement with local meats, yogurts, honey, bread and eggs.  However we’ve run low or out of many items, including maple syrup, frozen berries, and cooked vegetables.  Cranberries and rhubarb are nice but they require a certain amount of preparation to be palatable, and usually end up in pancakes or muffins or some other sweet item and don’t really lend themselves to, for instance, making fruit yogurt for The Bundle I’s school lunch, so I broke down the other day and bought “organic” frozen strawberries from an outfit calling itself Woodstock Farms.  On the back it has a wholesome little blurb about its sustainable practices and family farmers and it pretends to be out of Connecticut, but on closer inspection the actual frozen strawberries in question were – get this – a “product of Turkey.”

Immediately suspicious of both its “USDA certified organic” qualifications and the reason for not growing these strawberries in Connecticut and freezing them there instead of outsourcing the labor and produce to a third world developing country over which the USDA has absolutely no control and therefore no oversight over the daily practices of what are likely poor subsistence farmers in Turkey, Lionel and I looked at each other and vowed to order more strawberry plants this week and expand our strawberry bed next spring so we wouldn’t have to worry about it any more.

 Honestly, Corporate America.  Do the LLARCS have to do everything ourselves?  Can’t you get anything right?  Product of Turkey, my ass.


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