Digging in deep

Here come the spring rains.

Yesterday at one point the rain was nearly horizontal, with a cold wind that blew into our house and minds, reminding us that we live in New England and we’re not out of the winter woods yet.  Theoretically we could get a frost until May 31st or so, and in reality some years we actually have, so we hedge our bets in the garden by keeping most of our sensitive items indoors until that time.  But the leaves are coming out, the magnolias are blooming and so are the dandelions, which means it is time to plant potatoes.

We’re a little behind.   With two small children, one an interactive and fearless one year old, some fairly critical tasks wait until the weekends.  Weekends are also when the Farmers’ Market is and when we hope the orchard will be open; somehow we need to get more hours into the day.  The usual crises like not enough wood are competing against a promise we made of 2 cords to the neighbor and a commitment to expand our asparagus and strawberry beds.  The strawberries and asparagus have arrived but they have no beds.

That’s okay.  Bundle II doesn’t either.


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