Watching Water Boil

With anxious anticipation and a worried look at the turkey family hovering around the fence and in our yard, we put up old cds and other devices as bird scares, and kept waiting for the green berries to turn that tell tale blue. 

And we waited.  And we waited. 

Meanwhile, other Farmer’s Markets began selling blueberries and opening up their own PYOs, while our berries took their sweet time.  At one point we thought we were there and were eagerly waiting for Farmer’s Market, but upon inspection found that a Blue Berry and a ripe blueberry are not the same.  As with all things agricultural, there is an art to picking only the best and ripest berries.  Blueberries, unlike tomatoes or other fruits, aren’t forgiving of being picked early.  They’ll turn a nice dark blue, sure.  But they only sweeten up on the bush.

 Then we started worrying about people coming to the PYO and ripping branches, gorging on fruit, dropping unripe fruit on the ground, and basically rampaging all over our carefully constructed investment.  Apparently it has become more common nowadays, and some PYO’s have either raised their prices above their picked prices or closed the PYO part down entirely to spare themselves the resulting loss in income.  It all comes as people become increasingly distant from their food source. 

 But then the berries really started ripening.  Three whole rows of Drapers and BlueRays, ready for people to pick them.  And now its official:  All Good Farm PYO will be open for the first time this Saturday, 11-5.  Now we are in last minute scramble mode; searching for Open flags, Parking signs, and hoping we don’t get picked out on our first day. 

 The pot is boiling, that’s for sure.


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