Ignore Ignore Ignore

Famously, my three year old brother used this on me after a particularly annoying interaction with my five year old self caused my mother to instruct him to ignore me.  He didn’t know what it meant.  “Ignore! Ignore! Ignore!” he shouted in my face.  To this day I find it hard to ignore things.

But something’s gotta give, here.  I had an anxious dream the other night about climate change eating our blueberries and the government taking what’s left of our investments.  Since it’s not far from the truth, and I’m not ready to join a revolution, I’ve decided I’m going to ignore things for a little while.  Here’s my list of things I’m going to Ignore:


I end up paying way more attention than I should to the goings on in Washington, but the latest excuse for a “compromise” bill followed by a vacationing Congess which left vital pieces of our infrastructure in the form of the FAA dangling in limbo, forcing whoever remained on the job to cobble together an agreement to get the agency back up and running while each side licked their lips and claimed “victory” was utterly despicable to me.  Anyway, Washington doesn’t pay any attention to me.  Why should I pay any attention to them?  They don’t appear to accomplish anything except havoc in the stock market.


While a part of me took ironic joy in this sharp rebuke from a crediting agency on the state of our dysfunctional government, I also took exception to a privately run agency having any say in the affairs of our government at all.  And besides which…did they only just wake up?  …Or did someone’s bribe not get paid?  Personally I wouldn’t believe any of their ratings anymore, but then again, I’m not an…


Now that we’ve all been duped into putting our hard earned actual dollars into these virtual whirl-a-wheel 401k blackholes, all the normal, well adjusted person can do is look on with disbelief as a bunch of ADHD monkeys play havoc with our money.  “OH LOOK!  A LOLLIPOP!!”   BUY BUY BUY!!  “OH NO!!! NO ONE’S BUYING HOUSES!!!”  SELL SELL SELL.  “WAIT!  A LOLLIPOP!”  BUY! “WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO ONE’S BOUGHT A HOUSE YET?  IT’S BEEN A WHOLE HOUR!” SELL!  “OH, CUTE DOGGY!” BUY! “GREECE!” SELL. “OOH, SHINY!” ….If I lived such a frenetic existence I’d drop dead on the trading floor.  Even watching it from afar is exhausting.

The Media

What passes for journalism these days is either a tepid pass on from corporate sponsors and fringe groups or it is a slanted propaganda machine designed to coral us all into boxes, and most of it is badly written drivel with typos and out right spelling errors in published copy.  It’s a good thing most of it is free cuz I ain’t buying it.

And finally…


I give up on you, NOAA.  I really do. 


Ahh..  You know, I feel better already.


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