August 17, 2002

Three days before, we were having a heat wave, but the night of the rehearsal a storm blew in.  We rehearsed in the tent and, since we were kind of making up the whole thing as we went along, we went through several iterations before we settled on a script.  Also, I was coming by boat, which was a complete unknown.

The next day, I completely underestimated the time it would take to get dressed and ended up delaying the whole shebang by probably thirty minutes.  But in the end, the wedding went off without a hitch.  Or rather, with a hitch.  We ended the evening with a totally cool party.  We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

There weren’t any Bundles, but there was an idea of an orchard in our heads and a small cleared plot for a little garden.  We still worried a great deal about the flower gardens we inherited and tried to keep them up, but eventually we realized that we didn’t have to do everything the same as the last generation and let them go.   We kept clearing away trees and rocks and detritus and marched along and now, here we are.

Nine years later, my love, here we are.  You and I morphed into Us, a 4 person family unit with all its chaos and peace and joy.  Our private enterprise has turned into an actual business, with permits to submit and taxes to do and an open sign fluttering in the breeze on specified hours.  Bundle I takes violin lessons and Bundle II will start playgroup in the fall, and there’s nothing all that extraordinary about today except that it happens to be our anniversary.    Nine years ago I wore a wedding dress and got onto a barge, and you wore a tuxedo and tramped through the woods, and we met under the sword you gave me for our engagement, which hangs on our wall and reminds us that we are, still, after all, homophrosune.


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