Hurricane Irene: Big Fat Whatever

It’s not that it didn’t pack a wallop.  A forgotten open window immediately brought in a pail full of water.  The power went out at around 10 am, right about the time our basement started flooding, which made us sacrifice our gasoline sap pump and even so took the entire day to deal with.   The same roads that flood every time we have torrential downpours flooded, the same roads that wash out every time washed out.  The orchard porta-potty started the day upright and ended the day slightly tipsy.  We haven’t assessed the damage to the orchard yet.

It’s that we’ve been through it before.

Yeah, sure, hurricanes don’t hit the New England area very often, but in the past ten years we’ve had three major flooding episodes and an ice storm, all “once in a lifetime” events, and I don’t buy the media hype anymore.  I just don’t. 

We here at LLARCS declined to join the masses at the gas station, filling up their vehicles and every gas container they had.  Our containers were already full since we use them constantly, and since all of our roads wash out whenever there is flooding there isn’t much point in filling up the car.  We did not rush out and buy a month’s worth of nonperishable canned goods or bottled water.  We have canned goods because we can our own goods and regularly stock the pantry for those unexpected disasters, and used some yankee ingenuity and filled some containers the night before with some perfectly potable, and incidentally free, tap water.  We don’t have cell phones so we didn’t worry about charging them up.  Our headlamps had battery power, and our wind up radio requires no batteries.  We certainly do need to invest in a small generator to keep our freezers going in the event of an extended power outage, but we by no means were about to buy one for some panicky price at Home Depot.  We had better things to do, like pick out the blueberry orchard before the berries all blew off.

Sorry Walmart.   Sorry media.  Sorry, corporate America. I’m way ahead of you now.

Now if only someone would put two and two together.   Three floods and an ice storm in a ten year period.  Climate change leading to extreme weather.   Hurricanes coming up the East Coast.  Tornadoes in Massachussetts.

Yeah, if you think about it its not really all that news-worthy, is it?  It’s exactly what climate scientists predicted would happen and we don’t seem to care about it as we drive to kingdom come and consume all of our dwindling resources and then get all panicky and excited when actual weather comes, as if we didn’t just have an extreme weather event two months before.  

We here at LLARCS are cleaning up today, per usual with an event like this.  Hurricane Irene dumped a bunch of water on us and made a mess of things.  This morning it is a beautiful summer day, and most people have already forgotten all about it. Get used to it.


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