Climate a-Changing

Thanks a lot, big oil, Rupert Murdoch, Charles Koch Foundation, and Corporate America.  But those of us who have been paying any attention to the actual world around us knew this already.  And to prove it, a “record-breaking”, “freak”, “once in a lifetime” snowstorm just blew in and left almost 2 feet of snow in its wake on the eve of Halloween.  Oh yeah.  And now its 20 degrees outside.  So much for planting the garlic this year.

Of course the media isn’t addressing the actual cause of such a storm; greenhouse gasses playing havoc with the jet stream and bringing in wetter, chaotic systems throughout the NorthEast.  They’re concerned with snarled traffic, power outages, and the disappointment of millions of kids who can’t seem to figure out how to go trick-or-treating in the snow.  As if the power hasn’t gone out for major parts of the state and traffic hasn’t been snarled and someone wasn’t inconvenienced due to a major “historic”  weather event in ages.  Except last month.  And last year.  And the year before that.  Oh, and the year before that.

If the climate was at all predictable, we could roll with it, here at LLARCS.  Last year we had snow in October but then we had a long string of warm weather, and so things like planting our garlic got pushed back a few weeks into November, since planting it too early would cause it sprout.  But this year we went from 60 to 0 in two weekends’ time, and it may not be possible to salvage the situation.  In fact it would be a fitting cap to a wet, chaotic messy summer, and maybe it’s just as well that winter has come to our house.

Except next week we’ll probably have a freak, once in a lifetime, massively destructive heat wave.  So: thanks Corporate America!  And please, continue to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!  It’s all just random and statistically anomolous!  Every single f-king time!! 


Too Big to Fail

As some of my fellow humans are Occupying various streets around the nation, I’ve begun to wonder what would happen if we all simply  chose not to play anymore.

Although I understand the media appeal of protesting and marching, I’ve always been more of an active and self-centered activist at heart.  My oil bill got too expensive?  I switched to all wood.  My food got adulterated with HFCS, corn-fed meat, pesticides and genetically modified crops?  I built a farm.  Television became a form of sedentary control by corporate America?  I cancelled my satellite service.  Big Brother can watch my every move through my cell phone?  Sorry, don’t have one.  My bank wants to charge me even more money to use their services?  I’ll move my money elsewhere.   Still, there are parts of the system I haven’t been able to break away from yet.  In order to have adequate and equitable healthcare, either the government that I keep trying to elect has to buy into it, or We the People have to take it over.  In order for some people to break away from the downward spiral, they’d have to get out from under their mortgages.  Employers will have to realize they have to pay their employees equitable wages.  Our economy will have to stop being based on what we “consumers” buy.  We have to educate our people.  We have to feed them good food and give them good lives. 

Or else, Corporate America, the people will rise up against you.  And whether you like it or not, Corporate America, we outnumber you.  You may control fifty percent of the wealth.  But we control the other fifty percent.  And if we don’t play anymore, you won’t control us, either. 

Can’t afford to pay your bills and still put food on the table?  What if everyone stopped paying their mortgages?  What if everyone stopped paying their hospital bills?  What if everyone stopped paying back their student loans?    If every one of us did it the system would be hard pressed to collect it all.  This is self-centered active activism at its heart.

Come on America.  Vote with your feet.  Come join us.  Boycott the Corporations.  Let’s  pool our resources.  We’re too big to fail.  We’re the 99%.

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